David Fischer



+49 171 544 0467
Hornstrasse 19, 10963 Berlin, Germany


“Spontaneity and trust is what David Fischer regards as the key factors in creating interesting portraits. As a professional photographer he knows that sometimes it is a lot to ask of both his subjects and clients to not always know exactly what is going to happen. Therefore he appreciates the freedom when granted.”

Excerpt from a Freunde von Freunden interview with David Fischer, 2013



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Mercedes Benz Me Campaign. Agency Antoni.

Maria Dragus in Emporio Armani.

Florence Kasumba for the Cover of Fräulein.

Ferrari 812 Superfast.  

David Chipperfield for Monocle.

Carla Juri in Harper’s Bazaar.

KIA Stinger GT. Moscow.

Lena Klenke in Fendi for Numéro.

Daniel Richter in his Studio for Harper’s Bazaar.

Herzbube Motorcycles for Chapter TV.

Ulay at his home in Ljubliana. Harper’s Bazaar.

Interview Magazine. Aino Laberenz, Chris Succo, Erik Schmidt, Nina Beyer, Patrycja German, Sophie Reinhold.

Boychild in Fräulein.

Michael Stipe

Artist Gregor Hildebrandt. L’Officiel Hommes.

Johann König

Adam Green

Polina Semionova for the cover of Fräulein.

Norbert Bisky

Maryam Zaree. Fräulein.

Florence and the Machine. Tape TV.

Kelvyn Colt. Mercedes Benz EQC.

R.O.Z.I.E.Z. BMW M850i Gran Coupé.

BMW Concept 4  

Aino Laberenz at her Berlin Home for the cover of Fräulein.  

Franz Dinda

Leonard Kunz. Bentley.

Detroit Techno. Audi RS3. Agency Loved.

Elyias Mbarek for Playboy.


Juan Atkins and his Dodge Challenger.

Lena Urzendowsky


Frederick Lau. Porsche 928s. Red Bull.

Mercedes Benz. IAA Concept.

Audi Q2 vs Christian Minke. Agency Loved.

Mercedes Benz. F 015.

Munich to Monaco. BMW i8.

Who is Elijah. Honda Civic.

Mercedes Benz. A-Klasse.

Nicolas Ripoll. Playboy.

Adrian Wlodarski and Bastiaan Ninaber. Ford Mustang.

Mr. Bape. Rolls Royce. Intersection.

Anjelica Huston. Zeit Magazin.

Alexander Scheer. S Magazine.

Tree Goat. Morrocco.

Clemens Schick for the Cover of L’Officiel Hommes.


Toilet. Joshua Tree.

Numan Acar in Berlin for Playboy.  

Tape TV Files William Fitzsimmons, CRO, Bodi Bill, Selah Sue.

Felix Sturm. Middle Weight Champion of the World.

Actor Florian David Fitz. Playboy.

Dyed Chicks. Morocco.

Scott Matthew

Central Park